1934 FIFA Men's World Cup • May 27 - June 10

Italy 1934

The 1934 FIFA World Cup, hosted by Italy, was the second installment of the tournament and the first to feature a qualification phase, with 16 teams competing in the finals. Unlike the inaugural World Cup in 1930, the 1934 tournament was organized as a straight knockout competition from the outset. Italy won the title on home soil, defeating Czechoslovakia 2-1 in the final after extra time, amid controversies over the influence of Mussolini's fascist regime on the referees and outcomes of matches. The 1934 World Cup was a showcase of European dominance in the early decades of the tournament and reflected the intersection of sport and politics during a tumultuous period in world history.

Winners and awards

Third place

Golden Boot (top scorer)
Oldřich Nejedlý
Silver Boot
Angelo Schiavio
Edmund Conen

Top scorers

Oldřich Nejedlý (5)
Edmund Conen (4)
Angelo Schiavio (4)
Leopold Kielholz (3)
Raimundo Orsi (3)
Bernard Voorhoof (2)
Sven Jonasson (2)
José Iraragorri (2)
Géza Toldi (2)
Karl Hohmann (2)


Stadio Renato Dall'Ara
Bologna, Italy • 50000
Stadio Giovanni Berta
Florence, Italy • 47000
Stadio Luigi Ferraris
Genoa, Italy • 37000
San Siro
Milan, Italy • 75000
Stadio Giorgio Ascarelli
Naples, Italy • 40000
Stadio Nazionale PNF
Rome, Italy • 47000
Stadio Littorio
Trieste, Italy • 8000
Stadio Benito Mussolini
Turin, Italy • 28000

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