1958 FIFA Men's World Cup • June 8 - June 29

Sweden 1958

The 1958 FIFA World Cup in Sweden is hailed for introducing the world to a 17-year-old Brazilian phenomenon named Pelé, marking the beginning of a new era in international football. Brazil captured their first World Cup title, dazzling the world with their skillful and attacking style of play, a refreshing contrast to the defensive tactics prevalent at the time. The final in Stockholm's Råsunda Stadium saw Brazil triumph over Sweden 5-2, with Pelé scoring twice, announcing his arrival on the global stage. The tournament also featured the exceptional performance of Just Fontaine of France, who scored a record 13 goals in a single World Cup—a record that still stands. The '58 World Cup was the first to be televised internationally, allowing audiences around the globe to witness the birth of a football legend and the rise of Brazil as a footballing superpower, themes that would dominate the sport for years to come.

Winners and awards

Third place

Golden Boot (top scorer)
Just Fontaine
Silver Boot
Helmut Rahn
Best Young Player

Top scorers

Just Fontaine (13)
Pelé (6)
Helmut Rahn (6)
Peter McParland (5)
Vavá (5)
Lajos Tichy (4)
Agne Simonsson (4)
Zdeněk Zikán (4)
Kurt Hamrin (4)
Raymond Kopa (3)


Borås, Sweden • 15000
Eskilstuna, Sweden • 22000
Gothenburg, Sweden • 54000
Örjans Vall
Halmstad, Sweden • 15000
Helsingborg, Sweden • 27000
Malmö Stadion
Malmö, Sweden • 30000
Norrköping, Sweden • 20000
Örebro, Sweden • 13000
Sandviken, Sweden • 20000
Råsunda Stadium
Solna, Sweden • 52000
Uddevalla, Sweden • 18000
Västerås, Sweden • 10000

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